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Wolt - Revolutionizing Food Delivery in Finland and Beyond

Photo: Wolt.com


From the chilly realms of Finland emerges a hot contender in the global food delivery industry. Wolt, with its cutting-edge technology and efficient service, has taken Europe by storm and continues to expand its reach.

History & Origin:

Founded in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland, by Miki Kuusi, Elias Aalto, and Juhani Mykkänen, Wolt started with a simple vision: to make food delivery more efficient and user-friendly. From its Nordic origins, Wolt quickly expanded its services to over 23 countries and 100+ cities.

Unique Value Proposition: 

User Experience: Known for its intuitive app design, providing users with real-time tracking of their order.

Partnering with Local Favourites: Beyond just global chains, Wolt collaborates with local restaurants, helping them increase their reach.

Versatility: Apart from food, Wolt has expanded its delivery services to other essentials in certain regions.

Sustainability: In some cities, Wolt offers eco-friendly delivery options, including bicycle couriers.


As Wolt continues to redefine food delivery with its innovative approach, it stands as a testament to Finland's growing influence in the tech start-up scene. With a blend of technology and community-driven focus, Wolt is poised to remain a key player in the on-demand delivery world.