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Unveiling Finland's Magnificent Seven: The Unicorns Revolutionizing Global Tech!

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The icy landscapes of Finland are not just home to the ethereal Northern Lights; they also shine brightly with the glow of tech innovation. Join us as we journey through the forests and fjords to unveil Finland's top seven unicorns, companies valued over $1 billion, making global waves.


Niche: Health and Wellness Tech.

Quick Byte: Wearable technology that helps users optimize their sleep and overall health.

Dive deeper into the OURA story here


Niche: Food Delivery and Logistics.

Quick Byte: From Helsinki to the world, making gourmet food accessible and delivery swift.

More about Wolt’s global journey here


Niche: Mobile Gaming.

Quick Byte: Creators behind the epic "Clash of Clans" and other chartbusters.

Game on with Supercell's saga here


Niche: Gaming and Entertainment.

Quick Byte: The mastermind behind the global phenomenon, "Angry Birds."

Fly into Rovio's universe here


Niche: Information Technology and Cloud Services.

Quick Byte: Transforming public cloud data infrastructure with open source prowess.

Discover the Aiven cloud-scape here

Relex Solutions

Niche: Retail Optimization Software.

Quick Byte: Optimizing retail operations with cutting-edge software solutions.

Streamline with Relex Solutions here

HMD Global

Niche: Mobile Technology.

Quick Byte: Rekindling the Nokia magic for the modern era.

Connect to HMD Global's legacy here

In Conclusion:

From gaming giants to tech visionaries, Finland’s unicorns exemplify the nation's innovation, resilience, and forward-thinking mindset. As the world continues to evolve, these seven companies stand as beacons, illuminating the path to the future.

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