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Turku region start-ups believe in strong growth

The first extensive survey on start-ups in the Turku region was carried out this spring.

Elias Savonlahti, SparkUp Community Manager and Tommi Uitti, who implemented the start-up survey in the Turku region are eagerly waiting for the next year’s survey which will provide information on the direction in which the local start-up ecosystem is developing.

A survey commissioned by the City of Turku in Finland has provided insights into the start-up ecosystem in the region. The survey identified a total of 125 active start-ups, with 113 operating in Turku, six in Kaarina, three in Naantali, and one in Raisio. These start-ups contribute to the local economy by creating high-productivity jobs and have the potential to become multimillion-euro success stories.

The companies in the region have a positive outlook, with expectations of a 271% increase in turnover by the end of 2023 compared to 2021. Two-thirds of the start-ups aim for rapid international growth. The survey highlights the importance of the surrounding ecosystem in supporting start-up entrepreneurship in Turku, including growth programs, workshops, networking events, and support from industry-specific communities and universities. The IT industry dominates with 49% of the start-ups focusing on it, followed by health care and health technology at 18%, and the gaming industry at 10%.

The survey will be conducted annually to track the development of the start-up ecosystem and improve support services based on the findings.