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Toxicology alumni Linda aspires to research immunotherapy

Alumna Linda Steinacher Photo: Astra Zeneca

Linda Steinacher, an alumna of Karolinska Institutet (KI), completed her Master's in Toxicology in 2020. She chose to study pharmaceutical sciences for its interdisciplinary nature and broad career prospects. Seeking international experience, Linda decided to pursue a Master's at KI and was attracted by its reputation as a top-ranked medical university with a well-established toxicology program. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Linda secured a postgraduate internship at Roche and will continue her studies as a PhD student focusing on immunotherapy and immuno-related adverse events.

Linda highlights the unique teaching approach at KI, emphasizing problem-based learning and critical evaluation of scientific findings. Soft skills development and extracurricular activities were also valued in the program. She expresses gratitude for the support she received from the KI staff, including the opportunity to conduct her Master's thesis at AstraZeneca. Linda cherishes the memories of her time in Sweden, the friendships she formed, and the personal growth she experienced.

KI played a significant role in shaping Linda's career path by connecting her with AstraZeneca and providing opportunities for industrial experience and personal development. Her long-term aspirations lie in the field of personalized medicine, particularly understanding adverse events in cancer therapy and contributing to improving healthcare. Linda advises students to make the most of leisure time, engage in extracurricular activities, enjoy the Swedish experience, and build networks through KI's support and networking events.