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Tink - Reinventing Financial Services with Open Banking Innovation



From the vibrant and technologically advanced landscape of Sweden emerges Tink, a unicorn that has significantly reshaped the canvas of financial services through its innovative open banking platform. With Tink, the complex web of financial services is untangled, providing seamless, secure, and insightful experiences for both businesses and consumers.

Unlocking Financial Flexibility: 

Tink ingeniously unlocks unprecedented levels of financial flexibility and accessibility. Through its open banking platform, it fosters a more inclusive financial ecosystem where data is leveraged responsibly to craft personalized and efficient services that meet diverse needs.

Elevating Financial Experiences: 

Beyond being a technological marvel, Tink is committed to enhancing the financial lives of individuals and aiding businesses in delivering superior services. Its platform acts as a conduit that connects various financial actors, enabling smoother transactions, insightful data analytics, and reliable financial planning tools.

Key Offerings and Solutions:

  • Open Banking Platform: A robust infrastructure that supports a myriad of financial services, promoting data access and sharing securely and efficiently.
  • Data Enrichment Tools: Tink’s technology transforms raw financial data into meaningful insights, aiding in better decision-making processes for businesses and individuals alike.
  • Payment Initiation Services: The platform facilitates instant and secure transactions, simplifying the payment experience for users.

A Swedish FinTech Prodigy Going Global: 

What started as a visionary endeavour in Sweden has now expanded its horizons, marking a presence in numerous European markets. Tink is at the forefront, championing the open banking movement, and continuously innovating to stay ahead in the dynamic fintech landscape.


Tink encapsulates the essence of fintech innovation with its ground-breaking open banking solutions. As it continues to expand and innovate, Tink is not just a company; it’s a revolution in the financial services sector, heralding an era of simplicity, security, and accessibility.

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