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Tampere University’s projects receive over €800,000 from Finnish Research Impact Foundation

The Finnish Research Impact Foundation has granted €2.1 million to support 10 pioneering research projects collaborating with corporate partners to address significant challenges. Among these, Tampere University received funding for four projects, totaling €877,000. The projects cover various areas:

  1. Enhancing Wireless Connectivity: The "Radio Interference Cancellation for Enhanced Wireless Connectivity and Security" project, in collaboration with Bittium, aims to develop signal processing techniques to mitigate radio interference in wireless networks. This could lead to improved wireless radio devices and enhanced connectivity in civilian, commercial, and military domains.
  2. Reducing Emissions in Combustion Engine Machinery: Tampere University, partnering with AGCO Power, is researching total aerosol emissions from mobile machinery like tractors and combines. The study seeks to understand how engine and fuel properties impact atmospheric emissions, contributing to future fuel, hybrid engine, and machinery industry advancements.
  3. Advancing Corneal Blindness Treatments: Addressing corneal blindness, the "Building a strong scientific foundation to cure blindness with stem cells" project involves collaborating with StemSight. Researchers aim to refine an innovative method that uses stem cells to produce corneal endothelial cells, potentially offering a treatment for corneal blindness without relying on donor transplants.
  4. Optimizing Electrical Variable Speed Drives: The project focusing on electrical variable speed drives (VSDs) aims to create a control method that simultaneously considers multiple objectives. This method could improve the efficiency of VSDs, decrease energy consumption, and extend their service life, ultimately leading to more cost-effective and environmentally friendly electricity usage.