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Tampere University passes FINEEC audit and receives a Quality Label

Tampere University has been awarded a Quality Label by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC), valid for six years. This recognition followed an audit in May 2023, which highlighted the University's strengths in impactful research, diverse stakeholder collaboration, and a robust quality culture. The audit was enhancement-led, aiming to support the continuous development of the University's operations.

Key points:

  • The University's quality system was commended, especially considering the recent merger of universities.
  • The audit panel included experts from various Finnish universities and institutions.
  • FINEEC's detailed audit report is available on its evaluation platform.
  • With this successful audit, Tampere University meets both national and European criteria for quality assurance in higher education. The focus of the audits is on processes that uphold and enhance the quality of education, research, and societal engagement.

Provost Jarmo Takala expressed gratitude to the entire university community for their efforts and welcomed FINEEC's recommendations for further improvement.