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Tampere becomes the first in Finland to start educating Masters of Science (technology) in Robotics

Robotics has many applications in trade and logistics, environment, security, health, and well-being. Photograph: Sami Reivinen / Valokuvaamo KLIK.

Tampere University is launching a new Bachelor's and Master's degree program in Robotics, making it the first university in Finland to offer such a program. The demand for robotics education is increasing due to the guaranteed employment opportunities in the field, as well as the growing use of robotics in industry and the development of self-driving cars and machines. The program brings together existing studies in robotics from various fields such as automation, mechanical engineering, software engineering, mechatronics, artificial intelligence, and signal processing. New courses will be introduced, and existing courses will be adapted to support robotics. The program is a joint effort between the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

The education will start in the autumn, and applications will be invited in the national application procedure in March. The field of robotics aims to improve human work by making it lighter, more ergonomic, and safer, with applications ranging from self-driving cars to waste sorting. Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving the progress in robotics, but there is still a need to make robots more user-friendly and accessible to people without programming skills. The multidisciplinary nature of robotics makes it an exciting field, requiring creativity, problem-solving skills, and a hands-on approach. The program offers students the opportunity to specialize in various areas of robotics, and the diverse skill set acquired is valued by both industry and academic employers.