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Sweden’s Tech Scene Showcase: Embedl - Pioneering Efficient Deep Learning for Embedded Systems


About the Company:

Embedl is a transformative entity in the world of embedded systems, championing the commercialization of its novel Deep Learning Model Optimization SDK. With a clear vision, Embedl aspires to make deep learning AI not just cost-effective but also extraordinarily energy efficient. Through a harmonious blend of AI algorithmic genius and hardware knowledge, the company promises unparalleled innovation in the embedded systems domain.

Company's Mission and Collaboration:

What sets Embedl apart is its relentless commitment to innovation and perfection. Maintaining strong ties with academic research and fruitful collaborations with European industry leaders, Embedl has positioned itself at the epicenter of technological advancements. Moreover, its solid alliance with venture capital resources ensures that it possesses the means to accelerate its ambitious vision, solidifying its foundation for future growth.

Embedl Model Optimization SDK:

  • Model Optimization: The cornerstone of Embedl's offering, model optimization facilitates the creation of top-notch software tools for automating neural network model enhancement. The SDK ensures faster processing times and reduced engineering hours, empowering DL experts to concentrate on core business challenges.
  • Hardware-Aware Model Optimization: A standout feature, Embedl's SDK offers customization for any hardware target, guaranteeing optimal performance. Customers also utilize Embedl for assessing how swiftly a model version operates across varied hardware. Furthermore, Embedl's dedication extends beyond software, providing unparalleled expertise and support for any target hardware platform.
  • Key Features of Model Optimization SDK:
  • Seamless deployment (inference) with tailored requirements.
  • Stellar performance metrics including reduced latency, increased throughput, and minimal power consumption.
  • Compatibility with popular Deep Learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras, and Pytorch.
  • Extensive hardware support from leading vendors such as Nvidia, ARM, Intel, and Xilinx.

Why Choose Embedl?

Benefits of Embedl's Model Optimization SDK include:

  • Faster model execution.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Cost-effective hardware options.
  • Accelerated time-to-market.
  • Compact model size suited for embedded systems.
  • Minimized project risks, allowing teams to focus on their primary challenges.

Final Thoughts:

Embedl is not merely a company; it's a revolutionary force in the embedded systems arena. By making DL-based AI both accessible and efficient, Embedl holds the key to unlocking the immense potential of artificial intelligence, promising a future where AI seamlessly integrates with our daily lives.

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