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Sweden’s Tech Scene Showcase: A Dive into AIXIA, the Pioneers in AI and IT Infrastructure


About the Company

AIXIA, stationed in Mölndal, Sweden, emerged in 2007 with a strong presence in IT development, which ranges from AI/Deep Learning platforms to backup/DR. As an integral part of a larger group, AIXIA has made significant strides in crafting next-generation IT solutions. With a customer base spanning approximately 120 across a multitude of sectors, AIXIA’s influence on the Swedish tech scene is undeniable.

Services and Solutions

AI Solutions and Expertise:

  • AI Infrastructure: As Scandinavia’s leading voice in advanced AI infrastructure solutions, AIXIA has a storied history of delivering pivotal AI projects tailored to organizational needs. Their partnership with NVIDIA as one of their few Nordic Elite partners, coupled with their expertise in AI and Deep Learning, underscores their dominance in this domain.
  • AiQu - AI Power Optimizer: A revolutionary tool designed to bridge the challenges faced by Data Scientists and IT Operations in a Deep Learning environment. AiQu stands out with its simplicity, adaptability to NVLink and NVswitch, and efficiency in job scheduling.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure and Products: AIXIA offers a rich suite of digital transformation tools to propel businesses forward. This includes hyperconverged data centres, network and security solutions, and server solutions.
  • IT Operation: Personalized service delivery, from server hosting to network security, ensuring that clients’ IT needs are comprehensively addressed.

Consultant Services:

  • AIXIA stands as a stalwart consultant in the realm of IT infrastructure, boasting 300 years of cumulative experience. They extend services ranging from daily IT support to holistic operational responsibility.

The AIXIA Vision

AIXIA’s vision isn't just about technological advancement; it's about fostering a better world. The company thrives on innovation, responsiveness, and commitment. With a motto of continual improvement and challenging the status quo, AIXIA remains devoted to delivering maximum business value to its customers. They believe that the power of new technologies, when used creatively, can usher in positive change, and their deep-rooted history resonates with this belief.

A Glimpse into AIXIA’s History

Founded on the pillars of innovation, responsiveness, and commitment, AIXIA's journey since 2007 has been one of risk, reward, and resilience. Their mission revolves around challenging traditional notions and driving innovation to offer unmatched solutions to clients. Their dedication to establishing a knowledge hub in next-gen IT infrastructure, AI, and Deep Learning sets them apart.

Final Thoughts

AIXIA's rise in the Swedish tech landscape is a testament to their commitment to innovation and a better tomorrow. They don't just offer solutions; they offer the future. From their state-of-the-art data centre solutions to their groundbreaking AiQu tool, AIXIA continues to be at the forefront of technological advancement in the AI and IT sectors.

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