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Trust in AI is far too low in Sweden

“I don’t think there’s any chance that today’s language-based AI can reach a level comparable to human consciousness, or that the technology will turn against us,” says AI expert John Björkman Nilsson, here with a KTH constructed robot.

AI expert and corporate consultant John Björkman Nilsson emphasizes the potential of AI technology, stating that the benefits outweigh the risks. He believes that an exaggerated fear of AI is holding Sweden back from fully utilizing profitable machine learning in companies and organizations. Björkman Nilsson expresses concerns about Europe's AI talent falling behind the US and China, which could lead to job market challenges. He highlights the benefits of AI in streamlining operations and communication for businesses. Despite global AI experts not viewing machine learning as a societal threat, Björkman Nilsson encourages vigilance against digital lobbying campaigns that influence politics. He dismisses the notion of AI taking autonomous actions for self-gain as science fiction. He urges Swedish companies to adopt AI technology, comparing the situation to the early 2000s when companies were slow to embrace websites.