Storytel - Weaving Stories that Echo Beyond Pages



Hailing from the land of Nobel laureates and profound storytellers, Sweden's Storytel takes literary enthusiasts on mesmerizing journeys, one audiobook at a time. As the world rushes by, Storytel slows time, inviting listeners to dive into tales and narratives, all without turning a single page.

Revolutionizing Reading:

While books have an irreplaceable charm, Storytel sensed the growing need for a more portable, accessible way of consuming literature. In a world of screens, they've reintroduced the power of listening – making stories come alive through voice.

Beyond Just Audiobooks:

At its core, Storytel isn't just an audiobook provider. It's a universe of stories, spanning genres, languages, and cultures. Their extensive library caters to diverse tastes, ensuring every listener finds a story that resonates.

Key Offerings and Solutions:

Expansive Library: A treasure trove of titles across fiction, non-fiction, and everything in-between.

Multilingual Collections: Celebrating diversity with stories in numerous languages.

Interactive Platform: Features that allow users to bookmark, adjust narration speed, and more.

From Swedish Inspiration to Global Admiration:

Although rooted in Swedish ingenuity, Storytel's story is global. Publicly traded on the Stockholm stock exchange, it's become synonymous with audio literature across multiple countries.


Storytel showcases the magic of stories – the ability to transcend borders, time, and medium. As they continue their narrative, bridging authors with audiences, they stand as a beacon of literary evolution and innovation.

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