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Starlink Proves Effective in Finnish Rural Areas - A Study by 6G Researchers

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Stellar Performance in Test Areas:

Researchers from the 6G Flagship programme at the University of Oulu recently evaluated the performance of Starlink’s satellite internet service in Finland’s rural and remote regions. With test locations ranging from open fields to lightly wooded areas, from Oulu to Suomussalmi on the eastern border, Starlink generally provided robust downlink data rates exceeding 100 Mbps. The service displayed consistent performance with speeds dropping to around 65 Mbps in areas with more trees.

Challenges and Considerations:

While Starlink demonstrated promising potential as a reliable internet source for Finland’s secluded areas, the study noted some limitations. Environmental factors, particularly forest density, affected the data rates. Connection times, crucial due to Starlink's limited satellite coverage over Finland, ranged from under 10 to 15 minutes. The service experienced connection failures near the Russian border due to unavailability over Russian territory, affecting adjacent Finnish areas.

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