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Software from Finland Showcase: ZOINED® - Democratizing Business Intelligence and Retail Analytics


About the Company:

Established in Finland in 2011, ZOINED® is on a mission to deliver data-driven insights to all sectors of the business community. Trusted by over 500 merchants and processing more than 20,000 database queries per hour, ZOINED® is making waves in the business intelligence landscape.

Mission and Vision:

Dedicated to those who constantly seek improvement, ZOINED® serves merchants, retailers, shop owners, and even global corporations. They strive to turn raw data into actionable forecasts and insights, thereby democratizing the field of business intelligence. Their commitment is clear: to make data analytics available to everyone, regardless of the size of the business, thus fostering fact-based decision-making and ensuring success.

Services and Solutions:

  1. ZOINED® Retail Analytics:
  • This tool provides instantaneous actionable insights, fetching data from business systems in real-time.
  • Dashboards, reports, and alerts give relevant insights across the organization, focusing on sales, inventory, campaigns, and more.
  • Using machine learning algorithms, it offers insights into changes in KPIs and demand forecasting.
  1. ZOINED® Restaurant Analytics:
  • Specifically designed for restaurant and coffee shop chains, this solution assists in optimizing workforce and business processes.
  • Automated insights reveal root causes for changes in KPIs, while machine learning aids in demand forecasting.
  • Dashboards visualize data from multiple sources, helping optimize sales per working hour, cross-sell and up-sell strategies, and more.
  1. ZOINED® Wholesale Analytics:
  • Targeted for the wholesale sector, it provides actionable insights into orders, deliveries, customers, and inventory.
  • Real-time data availability ensures users are always up-to-date with the latest metrics.
  • Like its counterparts, it digs deep into KPI changes and employs machine learning for demand forecasting.

How ZOINED® Works:

  • It integrates seamlessly with Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, online stores, ERPs, and more.
  • Data is automatically extracted, uploaded to ZOINED®’s cloud infrastructure, and then analyzed.
  • The results are presented in comprehensive reports accessible via email or their full-featured web application.

Final Thoughts:

ZOINED® is undeniably at the forefront of revolutionizing the retail analytics industry. By turning complicated data into understandable and actionable insights, it's giving businesses, both big and small, the power to make informed decisions. As the demand for real-time data and effective analytics grows, solutions like ZOINED® will inevitably become indispensable tools in the world of business intelligence.

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