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Software From Finland Showcase: VividWorks-Powering 3D Visualization in eCommerce


In today's digital age, online shopping has become the norm. Yet, while it's incredibly convenient, it often lacks the tactile and immersive experience of shopping in a physical store. Enter VividWorks, a company that bridges this gap by harnessing the power of 3D visualization, making online shopping an even more engaging and interactive experience.

About VividWorks:

VividWorks has carved its niche by merging 3D models, modular products, and digital images. By facilitating businesses in visualizing their products using 3D models and digital images, they’ve tapped into an innovative way to inspire customers, thereby improving conversion rates and boosting revenue.

Some of the Offerings:

3D Product Configurator for eCommerce & Retail:

  • Explore and interact with products in high-definition 3D.
  • Customize products in real time, reflecting all changes in price.
  • Save on inventory costs by creating products on order.
  • Reduce human error with automated lists detailing product specs.

Online 3D Room Designer:

  • Design-to-order with accurate 3D visualizations.
  • Adjust furniture, lighting, and room decor in photorealistic designs.
  • Showcase your entire product catalog in 3D, including non-sellable decorative products.

True to Life 3D Virtual Showroom:

  • Create a super-realistic visual demo of products, enhancing the in-store experience.
  • Save on costs associated with samples, displays, and staff.
  • Offer an in-store VR experience, immersing customers in the showroom.

3D and AR Product Configurator for WordPress:

  • Enhance WooCommerce sites with high-quality 3D product visuals.
  • Integrate easily with a user-friendly plugin system.
  • Ensure accurate product visualization and real-time pricing.

Shopify Product Configurator Integration:

  • Elevate the Shopify experience with immersive 3D product customization.
  • Easily manage 3D configurations and add new products over time.
  • Offer real-time pricing and a seamless add-to-cart function.

Innovation in 3D Technology:

3D visualization is by no means new in the world of commerce. However, VividWorks is at the forefront of accelerating the use of 3D in sales and marketing. Their SaaS product is shaping the future of how businesses leverage 3D technology, particularly in online retail spaces.

A Strong Base in Finland:

With its headquarters in Oulu, Finland, VividWorks not only boasts a high retention rate but also comes highly recommended as an employer. This strong foundation ensures consistent product innovation and stellar customer service.

The Power of Visualization in Commerce:

Physical products can be limiting in terms of logistics, storage, and presentation. VividWorks eliminates these constraints by allowing businesses to market and present products online using lifelike 3D visualizations, thereby enhancing the customer experience manifold.

Final Thoughts:

The future of eCommerce is visual, immersive, and interactive. VividWorks is leading the charge in this domain, offering businesses cutting-edge tools to present their products in lifelike detail. Whether you're a business owner, a developer, or an end consumer, VividWorks promises to transform the way you perceive online shopping. In a world where consumer expectations are constantly evolving, VividWorks is ensuring that businesses are not just keeping up but are a step ahead.

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