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Software from Finland Showcase: The PehuTec Family – Where Expertise Meets Innovation


About the Company: PehuTec – The Expert’s Family

PehuTec prides itself on being more than a mere company; it’s a close-knit family of experts deeply passionate about technology. As an employee-owned enterprise, PehuTec cultivates a home-like, inclusive culture, welcoming innovators from various domains. Though compact in size, PehuTec’s expertise spans vast, from software and electronics to mechanical design, making it a formidable player in the tech field.

Services & Solutions: Bridging Diversity with Agility

Embedded Software: At the heart of PehuTec lies its pioneering embedded solutions, from embedded Linux to microcontroller applications, catering to industries like telecommunications and health technology. With an arsenal that includes C/C++, Python, and Yocto, they’re set to transform your embedded systems dreams into reality.

Electronics Design: Need hard-core electronics design? PehuTec’s experts are ready to electrify your project with extensive experience across consumer, health, and industrial sectors, ensuring reliable and agile product development.

Mechanical Design: The best mechanical designers bring their proven expertise to your project, whether it’s small-scale modeling or designing extensive product families. With tools like Solidworks, they craft from concept to production, with every detail tailored to perfection.

Cloud Platforms and Web Development: From AWS to Azure, PehuTec’s team shapes the cloud to fit your project’s unique needs, deploying cutting-edge solutions like Serverless Microservice architectures to take your vision sky-high.

Customized Testing Services: Quality assurance is key, and PehuTec offers a comprehensive suite from manual to automated testing, performance, usability, and beyond, with top technologies like Robot Framework and Selenium.

Health Technology Development: With ISO 13485 certification, PehuTec embodies excellence, steering health technology products from conception through global export, with an eye on compliance and quality.

Turnkey Projects: PehuTec is your all-in-one partner for software, electronics, and mechanical design projects. Their turnkey solutions span the entire lifecycle, committing to your product's success even post-production.

Workshops & Innovation: PehuTec’s “Idea to Product” workshops are designed to transform your ideas into tangible, market-leading solutions, ensuring your company stays ahead of the curve.

Final Thoughts: Unleashing Potential, Ensuring Success

PehuTec isn’t just a provider; it’s a partnership powerhouse dedicated to your project’s triumph. With a Finnish touch of innovation and a comprehensive service palette, PehuTec is equipped to take any idea from its embryonic state to a market-ready marvel. If you’re ready to join forces with a team that thrives on your success, PehuTec is waiting to welcome you home.

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