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Software from Finland Showcase: Taito United - Shaping the Future with Innovative Digital Solutions


About the Company:

Founded in 2011, Taito United is a beacon in the constantly evolving digital realm. With a vision of being a grounded, approachable partner, Taito's roots lie in the fusion of youthful vigor and industry-leading experience. This unique blend ensures the creation of groundbreaking digital solutions. The ethos of Taito revolves around its clientele, constantly involving them in brainstorming and solution formulation. Their pursuit of excellence is evident in their enduring partnerships and employee relations.

Technological Prowess:

Taito boasts of state-of-the-art, scalable, and intelligent digital solutions. Their tech stack is diverse:

  • Frontend: Typescript-based React and React Native.
  • Backend: TypeScript, Python, Java/Kotlin.
  • Advanced Integrations: Machine learning (Python, TensorFlow), IoT (sensors, custom HW platforms).
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Predominantly Google Cloud with Kubernetes, while also accommodating Azure and AWS when client-specific.

Design Philosophy:

Taito recognizes the essence of intuitive design. They assist in all facets, from service design, usability, to user interface (UX/UI) design. Their approach is contemporary, always incorporating user feedback.

Maintenance & Upgradation:

Taito's commitment extends beyond development. They take pride in their robust and easily adaptable software, promising further development and maintenance.

Architectural and DevOps Expertise:

Their business thrives on a multi-cloud model, ensuring seamless integration of diverse cloud services. Advanced cloud automation is their strength, promoting efficient and superior quality implementations.

Project Management:

Taito's mantra is embedding its best-in-class employees with clients. With a rich portfolio of over 100 successful projects, their acumen is unparalleled.

Customer-Centric Solutions:

  1. Bespoke Digital Solutions: Be it pioneering a novel digital service or enhancing an existing one, Taito is equipped to handle all.
  2. Continuous Product Development: From providing niche expertise to flexibly scaling teams as per requirement, Taito exhibits unmatched versatility.

Employee Promises:

  • Future-focused Projects: Engage in transformative projects spanning electric cars, AI, and more.
  • Learning & Development: Learn from industry veterans and contribute to cutting-edge tech solutions.
  • Life-centric Approach: A company where every individual counts, with flexible work hours and locations.
  • Community & Fun: Enjoy communal office work, monthly tech meets, movie outings, and thrilling activities like karting.

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