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Software from Finland Showcase: Siili - Molding Your Digital Dreams into Reality


About the Company:

Siili is a full-service development agency that prides itself on making IT aspirations a tangible reality. With a robust team of over 1000 experts working in synergy with a wide network of partners, Siili is on a mission to innovate, design, and drive digital services right from ideation to delivery. The company is steeped in professionalism and honesty, reflected in its remarkable 93% retention rate and consistent profitable growth since 2005.

Core Services:

  1. Design Services: Siili molds digital experiences to their highest potential, guiding strategies, products, and services from inception to completion.
  2. Cloud Solutions: With a vision that sees beyond mere technology upgrades, Siili's cloud solutions are about innovative designs and transformative opportunities.
  3. E-commerce and Portals: Siili crafts holistic experiences, from conceptualization to technology implementation, ensuring longevity and relevance.
  4. Data & AI: Harnessing data-driven insights and the ethical might of AI, they craft impactful business solutions.
  5. Embedded Solutions: Siili's expert embedded software engineers offer comprehensive solutions, including quality assurance and HMI services.
  6. Intelligent Automation: They champion the automation realm, minimizing human intervention and optimizing processes across sectors.
  7. Custom Development: A seamless fusion of technology, data, and design enables Siili to craft advanced digital solutions tailored to diverse needs.

Delivery Excellence:

Siili is synonymous with high-quality delivery. They harness AI-assisted development tools for heightened efficiency, utilize leading platforms to fast-track market entry, employ a distributed delivery model for cost-effectiveness, and offer multidisciplinary end-to-end development, ensuring smooth transitions from ideation to maintenance.

Specialized Units:

  • Supercharge: For robust digital strategies and software solutions.
  • Siili Auto: Specializing in HMI innovation and creation.
  • Skaler: The go-to for RPA and Intelligent Automation.
  • VALA Group: Elevating software quality through consultancy.

Banking Expertise:

Siili's banking acumen spans over two decades, having worked with leading Nordic banks. Their portfolio boasts of groundbreaking achievements in online/mobile banking, cloud technology migration, savings & deposits solutions, cash & liquidity management, investment & asset management, and credit & financing.

Delivery Modes:

  1. End-to-end Delivery: From conceptualizing to software integration.
  2. Resourcing: Talent acquisition, training, and resource optimization.
  3. Continuous Services: Ensuring longevity through continuous support, technological advancements, and Cloud/DevOps capabilities.

Final Thoughts:

Siili isn't just a company; it's a digital movement. By placing clients at the forefront, investing in its workforce, and ensuring delivery excellence, Siili showcases what it truly means to transform IT dreams into digital realities. The diversity in their offerings, coupled with a profound emphasis on quality, makes Siili a titan in the digital transformation landscape.

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