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Software from Finland Showcase: Ramentor's RAMS Expertise Merges with AFRY's Vision


Company in Brief:

Ramentor is a Tampere-based Finnish gem, established in 2006. Specializing in RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety) software tools, they bridge the chasm between cutting-edge research and practical customer needs. Acquired by AFRY in 2020, Ramentor is now an integral part of AFRY's RAMS services. By the summer of 2021, their prowess further expanded under AFRY X division. The union emphasizes continual R&D efforts, with partnerships including esteemed entities like Tampere University of Technology and CERN.

Solutions & Services:

1. ELMAS Software:

  • Purpose: ELMAS (Event Logic Modeling and Analysis Software) targets dependability and cost optimization over systems' life cycles.
  • Applications:Design alternative evaluations.
  • ROI time estimation.
  • System maintenance optimization.
  • Key Benefits:Predicts life cycle costs.
  • Harnesses failure data for system optimization.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Improves overall efficiency.
  • Streamlines data collection.

2. Risk Management:

  • Methods: Advanced RAMS techniques spotlight the interplay between failures and KPIs.
  • Services:RAMS Audit.
  • RAMS Analysis.
  • FTA (Fault Tree Analysis).
  • LCC (Life-Cycle Cost).
  • Criticality Classification.
  • FMEA/FMECA Analysis.
  • RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance).

3. Integration with IoT:

  • Overview: ELMAS refines imperfect data for insightful analytics in the IIoT domain, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Advancements: Enhanced data quality with IIoT reduces efforts for advanced analytics.
  • 4. Spare Part Management:
  • Tools: StockOptim tool enables modeling and optimization of spare part consumption.
  • Features:Enables spare part consumption modeling.
  • Optimizes storage strategies with true consumption data.

Final Thoughts:

The acquisition of Ramentor by AFRY is emblematic of a powerful symbiosis - an alignment of digital transformation goals and advanced RAMS capabilities. By leveraging Ramentor's renowned ELMAS software and their suite of services, AFRY is well-positioned to offer its clientele a holistic approach to risk management, IoT integration, and optimized operational efficiency. As industries globally move towards digitization, such partnerships can provide the blueprint for future-focused, sustainable growth.

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