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Software from Finland Showcase: Raisoft – Revolutionizing Healthcare with interRAI Solutions


About the Company: Raisoft – Empowering Care through Digitalization

Raisoft, hailing from the tech-savvy nation of Finland, has been a pioneering force in the healthcare and social services sectors for over two decades. By leveraging the power of interRAI solutions, Raisoft has expertly navigated the complexities of data digitalization to provide value-driven care across multiple care settings. Their clientele includes Adult and Elderly Care, Acute Care and Rehab, Mental Health Services, and Child and Youth services, demonstrating a versatile and comprehensive approach to digital healthcare solutions.

Services and Solutions: A Digital Ecosystem for Enhanced Care

Raisoft's services extend beyond software provision to encompass online training and implementation strategies that ensure successful adoption. With real-time data at the forefront, Raisoft's platform empowers professionals and administrators with immediate access to critical information, streamlining care processes and optimizing resource allocation.

  • Cloud Service: Their SaaS solution breaks geographical barriers, providing a robust online platform for care management.
  • Add-on Modules for Data Management: These user-friendly modules equip users to tailor care plans, analyze data, and promote swift communication.
  • Smooth Integrations with EHR Systems: Through advanced API and FHIR/HL7 standards, Raisoft enhances existing EHR systems, enabling seamless data transfers.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO): Raisoft simplifies access management, allowing for a unified entry point to all integrated systems.

Implementation: Turnkey Solutions for Diverse Needs

With a rich history in both the private and public healthcare sectors, Raisoft has honed its expertise in providing functional solutions tailored to the evolving landscape of health and social care organizations. Their turnkey approach includes comprehensive software packages, training, and ongoing support to facilitate easy implementation.

Modules Crafted for Care Excellence

Each module is meticulously designed to support the unique requirements of different user groups within the healthcare industry:

  • Assessment Module: Provides a user-friendly data entry interface, offline capabilities, and integrated resources for high-quality data collection.
  • Quality Module: An analytic tool that enables in-depth care quality analysis without the need for external consultants.
  • Care Plan Module: Offers a sophisticated platform for individual care planning with automated measures to enhance care quality and workflow.
  • Consultation Module: Enhances multi-professional collaboration, streamlining the consultation process across diverse care professionals.

Final Thoughts: Innovating Care with a Human Touch

Raisoft exemplifies the Finnish ethos of innovation paired with a deep respect for human-centric design. Their comprehensive suite of digital solutions is more than just technology; it's a promise to enhance the quality of care for individuals across the spectrum of healthcare needs. With Raisoft, care providers and governments are equipped to face the future of healthcare with confidence, knowing they have a partner who understands the importance of human connection in the digital age.

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