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Software from Finland Showcase: Nomis Group – Crafting Agile ICT Solutions Globally


About the Company:

Established in 1993, Nomis Group stands as an esteemed ICT organization, with roots in Finland and branches reaching across Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. They are renowned for their specialized tools and solutions aimed at enhancing service and production processes. Nomis Group boasts a vast spectrum of software development expertise, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, aiding organizations in refining their operations and processes.

Business and Service Philosophy:

Nomis Group’s dedication to delivering top-tier, comprehensive IT solutions is paralleled by their commitment to custom-tailoring their services. They prioritize high-quality, individualized customer service, ensuring their solutions are not only effective but also practical. Their strategy revolves around open, standardized systems to ensure future-proof continuity and compatibility, mirroring the company's forward-thinking ethos.

Service Solutions:

  • Nomis ServiceDesk: A centralized first-level support hub operated by Nomis's adept professionals.
  • Solves issues promptly during initial contact.
  • Evaluates additional support requirements.
  • Efficiently delegates support requests internally or externally as needed.
  • Expansion and Customization:
  • Provides scalable solutions, including second-level support through the Nomis HelpDesk system.
  • Offers customized extensions and dedicated system setups for enhanced workflow management.
  • Adherence to ITIL Standards:
  • Nomis implements the industry-leading ITIL model, ensuring robust development in support and customer services.

Software Development Approach:

Understanding the iterative nature of software projects, Nomis Group adopts Agile methodologies, fostering collaborative and incremental development with clients. Their principles include:

  • Utilizing cutting-edge, standard-compliant tools while avoiding unnecessary complexity.
  • Embracing mature technologies with longevity, with a preference for Microsoft tools.
  • Maintaining open, continuous communication with clients for optimal project transparency.

Specialist Services:

Nomis Group’s specialists provide comprehensive project management services tailored to client needs. They ensure each project is meticulously planned, staffed, and executed, with ongoing progress reporting. Service offerings include:

  • ICT project management and consulting.
  • Network, server, storage, and IT security solutions.
  • Virtualization, migrations, and remote solutions.
  • Specialized Nomis HelpDesk and Microsoft product trainings.

Hardware Supplies:

Nomis Group’s hardware supply chain is meticulously managed from analysis to implementation, specializing in HP systems and other reputable hardware brands. Their services encompass training, guidance, and post-implementation support.

Nomis Plus Product Family:

Recognizing the limitations of standard ERP systems, Nomis Plus addresses operational blind spots with a suite of products designed for efficient, transparent management, including:

  • Nomis HelpDesk
  • Nomis FeedBack
  • Nomis AssetBank
  • Nomis CleanDesk
  • Nomis QualityDesk

Final Thoughts:

Nomis Group is a testament to Finnish ICT prowess, delivering versatile, customer-centric solutions on a global scale. With agile development at its core, Nomis not only anticipates the needs of dynamic service and production processes but also addresses them with innovation and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

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