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Software from Finland Showcase: Intrinsic Ltd - Pioneering Digital Solutions Since 1984


About the Company:

Founded in 1984 by ambitious Tampere University of Technology students, Intrinsic Ltd has solidified its place as a leader in providing tailored information systems. This Finnish software company is dedicated to enhancing customer productivity through customized digital solutions.


  • Software Development: Intrinsic offers customer-centric software solutions. From initial feasibility studies and defining specifications to agile development processes, they ensure timely delivery and optimal value for system investments.
  • Consultancy Services: Equipped with contemporary expertise and an innovative approach to problem-solving, Intrinsic's professional services extend to feasibility studies, requirement gathering, analysis, and holistic project consultancy.
  • Road Weather Information and Traffic Management: Partnering with Intelligent Fintraffic Ltd and Destia Group, Intrinsic delivers top-notch information collection and traffic software. They play a pivotal role in significant IT projects for route E18 in Finland, ensuring enhanced road safety and efficiency, especially during the challenging winter months.


  • IntrinWay: A state-of-the-art application for road weather visualization, IntrinWay is designed to support road maintenance professionals, traffic centers, and research units.
  • Industrial Information Systems: Addressing industry needs from lab-level information management to corporate quality management, Intrinsic delivers systems tailored to the nuances of quality control and inspection.

Values and Principles:

  • Sustainability and Stability: Intrinsic prioritizes system longevity. They commit to system maintenance throughout its lifecycle, ensuring minimal disruptions and quick responses to unforeseen development requirements.
  • Proficiency and Responsibility: The team at Intrinsic boasts extensive experience in developing sophisticated information systems. Most of the personnel hold a Master of Science in Technology, and they collectively uphold a culture of responsibility, aiming for consistently positive customer feedback.
  • Quality: With a deep understanding of their clients’ businesses, Intrinsic ensures software quality through disciplined production processes and holistic management. Their software production process is rigorously tested for its capacity to deliver high quality.

History and Evolution:

Starting with a vision to conquer the application and service market during the emergence of Unix, Intrinsic gradually shifted from a tech-centric approach to a customer-focused one. Over the years, they've honed their expertise in industrial information collection applications, focusing primarily on industrial quality control systems and road weather & traffic management systems. Today, Intrinsic stands as one of Finland's oldest independent IT firms, a testament to its adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Work Culture:

Intrinsic's work environment is a blend of creativity, discipline, agility, and responsibility. They prioritize a healthy work-life balance, ensuring minimal overtime and providing their team with cutting-edge tools and technologies for software development.

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