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Software from Finland Showcase: GAPPS – Pioneering the Effortless Digital Workplace


About the Company:

GAPPS, a Finnish beacon in the digital workplace arena, believes that work, an integral force in driving society forward, should never be a source of pain. They stand firmly on the principle that "if it’s easy, it flows," transforming work into a rewarding experience. By making work smarter and the digital experience enjoyable, GAPPS is dedicated to enhancing how work gets done in today's fast-paced, technology-driven environment.

Mission and Vision:

The mission of GAPPS is to infuse the digital workspace with smart, intuitive functionality, ensuring that tasks and processes advance smoothly, and that the notion of work remains a positive one. Their vision is to create the optimal digital workplace that propels businesses forward, facilitating growth by streamlining technology and processes, and supporting teams to harness the full potential of their digital tools.

Services and Solutions:

  • Digital Workplace Development: GAPPS crafts bespoke digital workspaces by introducing efficient technologies and enhancing ways of working.
  • Information Security: They foster a security-conscious culture with robust policies, geared towards continuous improvement.
  • Cloud Services: Leveraging the prowess of Google Cloud, GAPPS provides top-tier cloud infrastructure and data management.
  • IT Infrastructure: Selecting digital platforms that align with specific business needs, they holistically develop IT operations.

Product Expertise:

  • Google Cloud: Customizing your Google Cloud infrastructure and bolstering its security.
  • Google Workspace: Managing and refining Google Workspace to serve your enterprise optimally.
  • Streamlining teamwork with a versatile Work OS for planning, managing, and executing tasks.
  • Freshdesk & Freshservice: Elevating customer service and modernizing ITSM solutions for growth-focused companies.
  • Happeo: Offering a dynamic intranet to connect and engage expanding teams.
  • Tricent: Facilitating secure file sharing within M365 and Google Workspace, ensuring responsible collaboration.
  • Temporall: Providing insights on workplace interactions, fostering a collaborative and efficient organizational culture.

Core Philosophies:

  • People before Technology: GAPPS prioritizes human-centric approaches, empowering teams to leverage new technological opportunities enthusiastically.
  • Development Mindset: They seed effortless work cultures, nurturing process development in partnership with clients.
  • Embracing Change: Understanding that change is a constant, GAPPS navigates the journey of transformation, supporting continuous development and adaptation.

Final Thoughts:

GAPPS encapsulates the Finnish ethos of working smartly and sustainably. Their solutions are not merely about integrating technology into the workplace; they're about redefining the work experience. As they sculpt the digital landscape for their clients, GAPPS stands as an architect of a workplace where efficiency is inherent, and satisfaction is paramount.

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