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Software From Finland Showcase: Fixably-The Repair OS Transforming Service Management

In today's fast-paced tech era, having efficient repair and recommerce operations is paramount for business growth and customer satisfaction. Fixably steps into this space with its unique offering, tailored for businesses in the repair and recommerce sector.

Fixably Repair - Not just a service management tool, but an end-to-end solution that streamlines and optimizes repair businesses. Integrating seamlessly with Apple's GSX, Fixably Repair offers a centralized system for repair management, inventory, and even point of sale. Whether you're an independent repair shop or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Fixably Repair is designed to elevate your repair operations.

Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs)

Fixably Repair is integrated with Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX) for authorized repairs management. It offers solutions to challenges faced by AASPs, such as workflow automation, meeting Apple's repair software requirements, and optimizing customer experience.

Fixably Refurb - The world of recommerce is expanding rapidly. With Fixably Refurb, businesses can harness plug-and-play technology to supercharge their operations. The software provides out-of-the-box features, ensuring streamlined processing of used devices, backed by reliable data.

Fixably Paperless -Helps repair shops and businesses be more efficient and offer a great customer experience. Features that directly reduce environmental impact by eliminating paper use.

Why go Paperless?

Three gallons of water, or 10 liters, is required to make one sheet of A4 paper. 50% of business waste is constituted of paper.

Environmental Impact of Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy, accounting for 4% of all the world’s energy use. From 2010 to 2060, the global consumption of pulp and paper is expected to double.

Benefits of Going Paperless

From 2001 to 2019, a total of 386 million hectares of forest were lost globally – this loss represents an almost 10% decrease in tree cover since 2000. Businesses in the US spend about $120 billion every year on printed forms.

Moreover, with the increasing focus on sustainability, businesses are moving towards paperless solutions. Fixably stands out with its paperless initiative, advocating for environmental responsibility. Considering the massive environmental footprint of paper production and the alarming deforestation rate, transitioning to paperless operations isn't just a business decision but a commitment to a sustainable future.

In summary, Fixably isn't just a software; it's a revolution in service management, combining efficiency, sustainability, and growth. If you're in the repair or recommerce sector, it's time to explore what Fixably can do for you.

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