SexEd Project: A Cross-Cultural Dive into Sexual Health Education

Photo: Tampere University, Cards presenting the project's key themes were used in the workshops.

A recent endeavor titled 'SexEd' spearheaded by Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) in collaboration with North-West University, South Africa, seeks to educate and empower young individuals in the domains of sexual and reproductive health. This initiative endeavors to implement sexual health recommendations in both Finland and South Africa.

Key Highlights:

  1. Objective: The overarching aim is to grant youths access to contemporary information, ensuring they possess the aptitude to evaluate their sexual health and fostering a proactive and responsible attitude towards sexuality.
  2. Professional Development: Another pivotal goal is to enhance the capability of professionals interacting with youngsters, enabling them to navigate discussions surrounding sexual and reproductive matters adeptly.
  3. Collaborative Synergy: An ensemble comprising eight TAMK students, four lecturers, key individuals from North-West University, and three Master's students from the University of Tampere have joined forces for this project, which is underpinned by the Team Finland Knowledge program.
  4. Student-Driven Workshops: The heart of the project was an intensive workshop week at TAMK. This week was an incubator where students meticulously crafted sex education materials, simultaneously augmenting their professionalism in tackling issues pertinent to sexual health.
  5. Cross-Cultural Exchange: The project envisages a reciprocal visit with TAMK's delegation visiting South Africa in February 2024, where they plan to facilitate sex education sessions using the materials devised during the workshops.
  6. Feedback: Prof. Tinda Rabie of NWU lauds the collaboration, emphasizing the significance of understanding challenges faced by different nations in the realm of sexual and reproductive health. Julialet Rens, also from NWU, anticipates the amalgamation of collective knowledge and experiences.
  7. Future Implications: Venla Lipo, a third-year public health nursing student at TAMK, foresees leveraging insights from this project in her thesis, aiming to craft a culturally sensitive approach towards sexual education.

SexEd project exemplifies the importance of cross-cultural collaboration and holistic education in shaping future generations, ensuring they are well-informed, responsible, and confident in matters of sexual health.

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