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SciLifeLab Site Umeå Celebrates Research Infrastructure

Electron Microscopy in Umeå. Life science is an area of ​​great strategic importance for Sweden. The resources within SciLifeLab have helped thousands of users from academia, business and healthcare to take their scientific projects to the next level. Image: Mattias Pettersson

SciLifeLab, a significant government investment in research infrastructure, has established four new sites in Sweden, including Umeå. The SciLifeLab Day event on September 11th celebrates the establishment of research capabilities and technology support for life sciences in Umeå. The event aims to inspire new collaborations and methods while highlighting Umeå's life science research. SciLifeLab offers specialized service platforms such as genomics, metabolomics, imaging, molecular structure, chemical biology, drug discovery, diagnostics, and bioinformatics. Access to these platforms enhances research quality, international exposure, and funding opportunities for Umeå researchers. The event will include interactive sessions, research presentations, and a poster exhibition, fostering a vibrant network and promoting world-class research opportunities in Umeå.