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Rovio - The Finnish Mastermind Behind the Angry Birds Phenomenon

Photo: Rovio.com


Nestled amidst Finland's scenic beauty is a company that changed the trajectory of mobile gaming. Meet Rovio, the entertainment powerhouse that gave the world the addictively fun Angry Birds.

Rovio's Journey:

Established in 2003 by three students during a mobile game development competition, Rovio's trajectory wasn't always upwards. But everything changed in 2009 with the launch of Angry Birds. This simple slingshot game quickly captured global attention and made these winged creatures a beloved part of pop culture.

Expanding the Nest - Games Beyond Angry Birds:

While Angry Birds remains Rovio's crowning glory, the company has diversified its portfolio:

Bad Piggies: A spin-off giving the pigs from Angry Birds a spotlight.

Angry Birds 2 & Spin-offs: Furthering the franchise with sequels and themed variations like Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Transformers.

NIBLERS and Battle Bay: Proving Rovio's ability to branch out and offer varied gaming experiences.

More than Just Games:

Rovio, leveraging the success of Angry Birds, ventured into different entertainment realms:

Movies: 'The Angry Birds Movie' and its sequel brought the birds and pigs to the big screen.

Merchandising: From toys and stationery to clothing, the Angry Birds merchandise became ubiquitous.

Theme Parks: 'Angry Birds Land' attractions and parks in several countries, offering fans a 3D experience of the game.

Impact on Finland's Game Development Scene:

Rovio, alongside other Finnish gaming giants, has put Finland on the global gaming map. Its success has acted as a catalyst, fostering a vibrant gaming start-up ecosystem in the country.


Rovio is not just a gaming company; it's a symbol of Finnish innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. As the world of mobile gaming continues its rapid evolution, enthusiasts worldwide are keenly watching Rovio for its next move in the entertainment arena.