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Putting AI on the map with the AI Maturity Assessment

AI Sweden offers an AI Maturity Assessment process that helps organizations evaluate their current AI capabilities and determine how to advance their AI maturity. The Swedish Police Authority, specifically the Swedish National Forensics Centre (NFC), partnered with AI Sweden to undergo the assessment. By participating in the assessment, the Police Authority aimed to benefit society by leveraging AI to develop and streamline their organization.

The AI Maturity Assessment process enables organizations to identify strategically important areas that require strengthening for successful and systematic AI implementation. Public organizations, in particular, benefit from evaluating their AI maturity as it contributes to their digital transformation journey. Through the assessment, organizations gain a better understanding of their strengths and areas for development in AI and receive a concrete plan to increase their AI maturity. This leads to better decision-making, resource utilization, and faster AI development, ultimately resulting in improved public services.

The assessment for NFC involved an evaluation survey and a workshop where participants interpreted the results and learned how to incorporate AI technology within their organization. NFC found the assessment to be a valuable starting point for their AI development journey. It provided an overview of AI knowledge within the organization and raised awareness of the need for AI.

Having completed the assessment, NFC is now exploring how to integrate AI technology into other areas of their organization. They recognize the importance of increasing the general understanding of AI and plan to initiate pilot projects focused on utilizing AI for statistical analysis.