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Public Health Alumnus Salvador Alvarado-López: "I would love to, at some point, become the Minister of Health of Mexico"

Alumnus Salvador Alvarado-López

Salvador Alvarado-López, a Karolinska Institutet alumnus, holds a Medical Doctor degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He pursued a Master's degree in Public Health at KI, specializing in Health Economics, Policy, and Management. During his time at KI, Salvador had the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds and form lifelong friendships. He also conducted his Master's thesis in Australia and explored research and PhD opportunities in Europe.

After completing his studies, Salvador was fortunate to find a job that aligned with his ambitions and Latin American roots. He joined the World Health Organization's Programme for International Drug Monitoring as a Medicines Safety Officer, focusing on the Latin American region. In this role, he provided support and advice to regulatory authorities and ministries of health on medicines safety. Salvador's work involved analyzing adverse events, collaborating with international stakeholders, and traveling to different countries.

Salvador's ultimate career aspiration is to become the Minister of Health of Mexico. He believes in pursuing dreams and seizing opportunities, no matter how audacious they may seem. His studies at KI have been instrumental in his current job, as they have equipped him with knowledge of health systems and the ability to influence healthcare decisions.

Salvador advises current students to remain determined and embrace the challenges on their path, ultimately enjoying the view of their achievements when looking back.