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Public Health Alumna Karen pioneers suicide prevention and postvention in Brazil

Alumna Karen Scavacini

Karen Scavacini, an alumna of Karolinska Institutet (KI) in Public Health, specializing in Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention, shares her inspiring journey. Karen moved to Sweden with her daughter to pursue her master's degree and was thrilled to study at KI with its focus on mental health and suicide prevention. She describes her time at KI as sensational, with wonderful campus experiences, quality classes, and memorable interactions with researchers. After completing her master's, Karen returned to Brazil and established the Vita Alere Institute, the first center for suicide prevention and postvention in the country. She became the CEO of the institute, wrote books, participated in campaigns, and initiated projects with various organizations. Karen credits the advanced knowledge and inspiration she gained at KI for transforming her career and allowing her to pioneer services in Brazil. She emphasizes the importance of cherishing the opportunities and knowledge received at KI and encourages students to dare, dream, and make a difference in the lives of others. Karen's goal is to continue expanding the institute, collaborating with international institutions, and bringing about positive change in suicide prevention and postvention. She expresses gratitude for the impact KI has had on her personal and professional life and encourages students to appreciate the value of their education in the future.