Projects can also provide a way to influence regional policies

The InnoHEIs project, aimed at improving research and innovation infrastructure performance, has successfully encouraged companies and SMEs to utilize the resources of higher education institutions more effectively. The project has had a positive impact on TAMK (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) in terms of research, development, innovation, and teaching. The collaboration with the Council of Tampere Region has also strengthened, benefiting regional development. The European Commission has praised the project, recognizing its innovative approaches and expressing the hope for further development in European higher education institutions.

TAMK has been an active member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), which aligns with the objectives of the InnoHEIs project. The use of living labs provided by higher education institutions has proven beneficial for solving business problems, anticipating needs, and facilitating real-life demonstrations and pilots.

The project has provided valuable insights and learnings for lecturers, allowing them to have an impact at the regional and national levels. TAMK's project team conducted a mapping exercise and network description of the research, development, innovation, and learning environments in the Tampere Region, leading to the creation of a virtual 360 model and an online guidebook called SIXLabs Playbook. The project team also contributed to Tampere Region's digital compass work, promoting digitalization in education and regional cooperation.

The project has generated long-term impact by integrating applied research into teaching and purchasing new equipment for TAMK FieldLab, a manufacturing industry lab. The development and better utilization of research, innovation, and learning environments in the Tampere Region have been ongoing through various projects. The InnoHEIs project has raised the profile of industrial infrastructure and fostered collaboration between regional policy and grassroots expertise.

The project is coordinated by Hanze University of Applied Sciences, with TAMK and the Council of Tampere Region as partners. It involves several international actors and runs from August 1, 2019, to July 31, 2023.

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