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Professor Sofie Pelsmakers chooses to research the sustainability of everyday homes

Professor Sofie Pelsmakers praises her ASUTUT research group for welcoming her and her approach open-mindedly. After all, it takes an academic community to help raise professors and enhance their leadership. Photo: Jonne Renvall / Tampere University.

Sofie Pelsmakers, the newest professor of architecture at Tampere University, is a holistic and visionary researcher. She focuses on everyday architecture and its response to societal changes and challenges. Pelsmakers aims to create sustainable living environments for all individuals. Her background, growing up in a single-parent family with limited resources, has shaped her passion for inclusive housing. Leading the ASUTUT research group at Tampere University, Pelsmakers and her diverse team of over 20 researchers investigate holistic, inclusive, and sustainable housing design. Their research addresses various challenges, including climate change, aging population, well-being, pollution, and affordability. The group's work aims to provide evidence-based solutions and build resilience in a rapidly changing world.