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Prof. Patrick Rinke: Melding AI and Materials Science for a Sustainable Future

Prof. Patrick Rinke, recently made a full professor at Aalto University, uses AI to make better materials for a sustainable future. Image: Ville Heirola/Aalto University.

Prof. Patrick Rinke, from Aalto University's Department of Applied Physics, stands at the intersection of materials science and AI, pioneering the use of machine learning to discover sustainable materials. Beginning his journey with computational physics, Rinke ventured into machine learning early, anticipating its transformative impact. Today, with a keen focus on sustainability, Rinke and his team exploit AI to rapidly explore materials beyond known configurations, pushing the frontiers of energy-efficient solar cells, green power, and climate change solutions. His holistic approach and belief in interdisciplinary collaboration hold promise for uncovering groundbreaking materials that can address pressing global challenges.