Pioneering the Cube Revolution in Warehouse Automation


In the intricate matrix of modern warehousing, efficiency is paramount. Emerging from Norway's innovative ecosystem, AutoStore stands as a beacon of revolution with its cube-based automation system. By redefining storage logistics, AutoStore is setting a new benchmark in warehouse management.

The Cube Evolution:

AutoStore's unique approach to warehouse automation is a break from convention. By capitalizing on the cube configuration, the company ensures optimized space utilization, paving the way for increased storage density and faster retrieval times.

Notable Features and Offerings:

High Density Storage: By leveraging cube configurations, AutoStore ensures up to 4 times more storage capacity compared to conventional systems.

Scalable Solutions: Designed to cater to both small enterprises and expansive warehouses, AutoStore's system is modular and easily scalable.

Reduced Footprint: The cube-based approach not only enhances storage efficiency but also significantly reduces the warehouse's spatial footprint.

Swift Retrievals: AutoStore's robots ensure rapid item retrievals, drastically reducing order processing times and boosting productivity.

From Norway to Warehouses Worldwide:

Rooted in Norway's spirit of innovation, AutoStore's impact is global. Its cutting-edge solutions are now deployed in warehouses around the world, marking a shift in how businesses view storage logistics.


AutoStore is more than just a warehousing solution; it's a paradigm shift. By harnessing the cube's geometry, the company has reimagined storage logistics, proving that innovation can indeed be boxed. As it continues to push boundaries, AutoStore stands as a testament to Norway's prowess in technology and forward-thinking.

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