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Physiotherapist alumna Louise Gottlind leads the work with digital care

Alumn Louise Gottlind Foto: Jenny Nauwelaerts de Agé

Louise Gottlind, an alumna of Karolinska Institutet (KI), graduated from the Physiotherapy program in 2012 and currently works as a strategic manager focusing on digitalization in Södertälje, Sweden. Her educational journey began with a short course as a group fitness instructor, which sparked her curiosity about the human body and led her to study Human Physiology at KI. She found the course inspiring and decided to pursue an education that centered around the body due to her strong interest in the subject.

Louise chose to study at KI to have a university-level education that would benefit her future career. Despite facing challenges in gaining admission due to her grades, she prepared for the university entrance exam and successfully secured a place. Practical considerations, such as already having accommodation and part-time jobs in Stockholm, also influenced her choice of institution. Having previously taken a standalone course at KI, she felt comfortable and at home there.

As a student at KI, Louise enjoyed her time and found the courses to be of good quality. While not highly involved in extracurricular activities, she treated her education as a job and used her remaining time to work and socialize outside of her studies. After graduating from KI, Louise initially worked part-time at a nursing home while exploring other opportunities. She started her own business, worked at a gym, and assisted a football team. Later, she pursued a master's degree in Sports Science, focusing her research on digital physiotherapy.

Currently, Louise works as a strategic manager for digitalization in the social care office of Södertälje municipality. Her role involves leading the digitalization efforts in areas such as elderly care and home care, where her physiotherapy knowledge and experience in behavior change are valuable assets. Her work is diverse, involving meetings, planning, and supervision. She leads a team and collaborates internally and externally to drive the progress of various operations. Her recent tasks include developing an action plan for the upcoming years, aligning strategies with the management, exploring effective communication methods, and learning from innovation efforts in other municipalities.

In the future, Louise aims to continue working in change management and digitalization within healthcare. She is interested in leadership and involving end-users in the process of change. Additionally, she may consider pursuing a doctorate in the future. Louise acknowledges that her physiotherapy education from KI has played a significant role in her career prospects, providing a strong foundation.

Her advice to current students is to network actively. Building connections with individuals who work in exciting fields can provide valuable advice, inspiration, and opportunities. She encourages students to reach out to professionals, researchers, and organizations, offering to meet for coffee, go for a walk, or have a video call. Louise emphasizes that most people are willing to share their experiences and insights, and networking has helped her discover new possibilities and resources.

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