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Personal development comes with the job

Lisa Lundin ar PhD Liu. Photo: Karin Midner

Lisa Lundin, a doctoral student at the Division of Industrial Management at LiU (Linköping University), finds her work to be fun, challenging, and personally rewarding. With a passion for research, she has discovered that pursuing a PhD is something she wants to continue doing. Lisa believes that working as a doctoral student at LiU provides ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, allowing her to take on more responsibility and develop as an individual. She appreciates the luxury of working in an area she is passionate about and finds the ability to analyze, reason, and reflect on things in a new way to be incredibly fulfilling. Lisa's research focuses on digital business-to-business customer journeys and how digital technology can impact touchpoints, roles of actors, and overall processes. She is fascinated by the potential for suppliers to collaborate with customers and influence their interactions throughout the entire purchase process. Despite the challenges, Lisa considers her time as a doctoral student at LiU to be the best period of her life, embracing the opportunities for personal and professional development that come with the job.