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ŌURA - Finland’s Answer to Optimal Health Tracking

Photo: Ouraring.com


From the heart of Northern Europe, the Oura Ring, stands out as a testament to Finnish design and technological prowess.

History & Origin:

Founded in 2013 in Oulu, Finland. Set out with a vision to offer people a comprehensive health platform right at their fingertips! The idea was based on ring-based wearable could offer deep insights into one’s health without the obtrusiveness of a watch. 

Unique Value Proposition:

- Design: minimalistic, elegant, comfortable for waring 24/7.

- Sleep tracking: offers detailed sleep metrics, including REM sleep, deep sleep, helping to plan the day’s activities.

- Readiness score: A daily score that informs users about their recovery status, helping to plan the day’s activities.

- Temperature variation: Can detect minor temperature variations, potentially indicating changes in health. 


The ring has been endorsed by significant personalities including Prince Harry and Jack Dorsey, among others. The ring gained additional attention during the Covid-19 pandemic due to its ability to detect early symptoms through temperature changes and respiratory rate. 

Oura Ring’s success underscores Finland’s potential as a hub of technological innovation and its capacity to redefine wearable health tech. As the world continues to shift towards a more health-conscious paradigm, innovations like Oura Ring will likely pave the way for future wearables that are both functional and stylish.