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Oslo meets Tallinn, Estonia

Oslo Business Region Team (left to right) Top - Siw Andersen, Victoria Bencsik, Andrea Nylund, Martine Mæland. Bottom - Tellef Tveit, Fredrik Salberg, Tom Miskin, Tonje Ørnholt. Published by Oslo Business Region, 22 June 2023

Oslo Business Region recently visited Tallinn, Estonia, with the aim of connecting the ecosystems of the two cities, learning from Estonia's digital transformation, and gaining inspiration regarding talent attraction and retention. Estonia is known for being one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world and has a thriving startup ecosystem.

During the visit, Oslo Business Region discovered key aspects of Estonia's startup ecosystem. The country has prioritized transparency, making entrepreneurship cool, and creating favorable conditions for startups. Their pragmatic approach, ease of doing business, and favorable tax regulations have resulted in a growing number of founders staying in Estonia and attracting international talent. Estonia's focus on the tech sector, openness to foreign talent, and ambitious goals for tech company contributions to GDP offer valuable lessons for Oslo's own startup ecosystem.

One notable aspect observed during the visit was the consistent messaging from all stakeholders in Estonia. This unified story helped build trust and clarity. Additionally, Estonia has successfully integrated growth companies as a significant pillar of its economy, demonstrating a sense of urgency in embracing entrepreneurship and startups.

Oslo Business Region looks forward to continued collaboration with Estonia, following each other's journeys and exchanging insights and experiences.