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Oslo broke new ground at Oslo Connect Talent Summit 2023

Published by Oslo Business Region, 08 May 2023

Oslo hosted the Oslo Connect Talent Summit on May 4, 2023, focusing on how the city can support growth companies, create jobs, and build a sustainable economy in Norway. The summit brought together 150 attendees representing the entire startup ecosystem, including founders, scaleups, HR specialists, recruiters, and politicians.

The event highlighted the skills gap in the Norwegian job market, particularly in the tech sector, where two-thirds of scaleups face challenges in finding skilled workers. While local candidates may face increased competition, other areas experience an intensifying skills gap.

The summit emphasized Oslo's efforts to compete more assertively in key industries like cleantech and healthcare, aligning with ambitious climate and digitalization goals. Bruno Lanvin, co-author of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index, announced that Oslo ranked second out of 141 cities in the IMD Smart City Index, discussing the city's achievements and future challenges.

Siw Andersen, CEO of Oslo Business Region, announced upcoming initiatives, including the Oslo Talent House and a "lovepat" program to connect international partners with networks and opportunities.

Discussions covered various topics, including building scalable recruitment functions, competing for global talent, talent attraction, culture-building, effective onboarding of international hires, and a political debate with representatives from different parties.

Overall, the Oslo Connect Talent Summit provided a platform for stakeholders to address talent-related challenges and explore strategies to strengthen Oslo's position in key industries while fostering a sustainable economy.