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Norway launches startup and tech ecosystem database

Norway has joined a global network of 200 countries that are mapping their startup ecosystems. The Norwegian platform catalogs startups, funding rounds, and investors, providing a comprehensive database of the country's startup and tech ecosystem. Currently, there are 3,000 startups listed on the Norwegian platform, with 1,800 startups specifically in Oslo. The dynamic database serves as a valuable tool for investors and anyone interested in startups and scaleups in Norway, allowing users to track development, explore opportunities, and even showcase their own companies.

The initiative to create a national platform was launched by Oslo Business Region and Innovation Norway almost two years ago. Similar national databases exist in other Nordic countries. The Oslo platform has already attracted users from the UK, Germany, and the USA, and there is potential for collaboration among Nordic countries to reach these international markets. The database aims to showcase Oslo and Norway as vibrant startup ecosystems and encourage international engagement and investment.