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New report highlights the lack of competent tech talent in Norway

Photo: Christoffer Engstrom / Unsplash

A new report from the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) highlights a severe lack of competence in the Norwegian workforce, stressing the need to attract international talent for successful competition in the global market and to drive the digital transition and the green shift. The annual "Competence Barometer" presented by NHO reveals that nearly two-thirds of the Norwegian industry lacks the necessary competence, with Oslo-based companies particularly affected, as 70% of them report a lack of skilled workers.

Trade associations with the highest need for competence include the Federation of Norwegian Transport Enterprises, the Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries, Nelfo, the Federation of Norwegian Industries, the Norwegian Seafood Federation, and Abelia. Tech-heavy associations like Abelia and Energy Norway require a significant proportion of workers to have completed a master's degree, mainly in IT, engineering, legal subjects, economics, and administration.

The report also highlights that 48% of companies have actively recruited for specific competence but have been unable to fill the positions, resulting in either leaving the positions unfilled or hiring individuals with lower competence levels than desired. Companies mainly focus on raising the competence level of current employees through further education or recruiting from the Norwegian workforce, while only 35% consider international recruitment as a strategy.

These findings reflect the challenges faced by startups and scaleups in Oslo, as they struggle to find the skilled workers necessary to scale their businesses. The competition for talent is intense, and many businesses aim to recruit talent from abroad. Collaboration is essential for Oslo to establish a strong global position, as access to and retention of talent are key challenges for economic development and growth in the city.