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Molecular Techniques alumnus Thanadol locked to KI by Nobel

KI alumnus Thanadol Sutantiwanichkul Photo: Bundit Boonyarit

Thanadol Sutantiwanichkul, an alumnus of Karolinska Institutet, pursued a Master's degree in Molecular Techniques in Life Science (MTLS) after completing his Bachelor's in Biomedical Science from Mahidol University, Thailand. He was awarded a scholarship from the Swedish Institute, and his selection process for attending the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting further solidified his decision to choose KI for his Master's studies.

Thanadol was captivated by the remarkable research environment at KI, being humbled to study at an institution that decides the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The diversity of the student body enriched his experience, offering different perspectives and fostering a global outlook. The MTLS program played a transformative role in Thanadol's understanding of research, emphasizing the translational impact of life science and providing insights into the bench-to-bedside applications.

Currently, Thanadol works as a research engineer in the Targeted Proteomics group at the adjacent SciLifeLab research facility and contributes to COVID-19 testing at the National Pandemic Center at Biomedicum lab in KI. While his original plan was to pursue a Ph.D. in Europe, the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic altered his course. However, he aspires to continue working in the fields of life science and computational technology, integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into research for impactful future advancements.

Thanadol's advice to students is to seize the opportunity to study at KI, emphasizing the unique environment, diverse community, and range of specializations in life science. His time at KI has profoundly shaped his future, and he expresses gratitude for the experience, wishing that it could have lasted longer.