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Master’s thesis on ecodesign awarded prize

A thesis that deals with eco-friendly products and environmentally sensitive product development by Alice Landin and Angelica Reyes has been awarded one of two Christer Gilén scholarships for 2022.

The winners: Alice Landin and Angelica Reyes.

Angelica and Alice, two graduates of Linköping University, have received the Christer Gilén scholarship for their impressive master's thesis on economic governance, organization, and innovation. Their thesis focused on product development of electronic devices for improved environmental performance. They collaborated with a company that manufactures sensors and electronic equipment for energy reduction, aiming to enhance sustainability in product development.

The thesis suggested nine practical improvements, including considering environmental aspects from the beginning of product development and assessing the value of ecodesign in collaboration with stakeholders. They conducted life-cycle analyses to identify impactful changes for each product, such as extending product lifetimes or implementing sleep functions. Their work emphasized the importance of taking small steps towards sustainability and acknowledging the long journey ahead.

Throughout the project, Angelica and Alice worked closely together, leveraging their complementary skills and ambition. They expressed gratitude for the collaboration with their supervisors and the opportunity to implement their suggestions. The scholarship ceremony recognizing their achievement took place on November 29th at Linköping University.