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Lower mortality among Finnish migrants in Sweden

Photo: Ruskpp Ruskpp/Mostphotos

A study by Stockholm University & University of Helsinki examines health of Finnish migrants in Sweden. Mortality rates lower among migrants compared to Finland's population. Factors like country of origin, migration, & destination conditions influence health. Implications for public health measures highlighted.

The researchers examined mortality rates caused by alcohol, smoking, and cardiovascular diseases among Finnish migrants in Sweden, comparing them to both the Finnish and Swedish populations. The findings indicate that Finnish male migrants have a lower mortality rate from these causes compared to men in Finland, while the total mortality rate among Finnish men is higher than that of Swedish men. However, over time, the mortality risks among Finnish migrants become more similar to those of the Swedish population.

Among women, differences are smaller, and the health problems of Finnish women living in Sweden resemble those of Swedish women. The study suggests that migrants adapt their lifestyles to the new country, and this adaptation can have varying effects on health depending on factors in both the country of origin and destination.