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Looking for work in Joensuu

Luotsi, a service under the employment services of the City of Joensuu in Finland, provides assistance to individuals seeking work, planning a career change, or interested in self-employment. Job agents at Luotsi help with tasks such as creating CVs, job searching, and interview preparation. They also offer events, coaching, and courses to support job seekers. The Luotsi service point provides facilities for using computers, printing job-related materials, and making phone calls for job search purposes. The service is available in Finnish, English, and Russian, and it is free of charge.

Additionally, TalentHub Joensuu, operated by the employment services of Joensuu, supports the integration of skilled foreign labor in the local workforce by allowing users to create profiles showcasing their skills to potential employers and search for job opportunities. Business Joensuu, a business consulting service, offers support to immigrants interested in entrepreneurship and business activities. They provide guidance on setting up a company, securing financing, preparing business plans, and connecting with relevant stakeholders. Contacting Business Joensuu can be beneficial for those interested in starting their own businesses.