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Life-Science consultant and KI alumna Katarina Stojanovic was part in founding women's health startup Ovulai

Photo: Katarina Stojanovic

Katarina Stojanovic, an alumna of Karolinska Institutet (KI), studied in the biomedical laboratory science program from 2014 to 2017. She found the teachers to be helpful and appreciated the intimate group atmosphere where students could freely seek assistance. The program included laboratory projects and clinical practice, providing a good foundation for both work and further studies.

Choosing KI as her educational institution was a natural decision for Katarina due to its reputation in the medical field. She enrolled in the Biomedical laboratory science program and had a positive experience throughout her time at KI. She also became involved in the Student Union, Medicinska föreningen, starting as a photographer and later taking on various roles within the union's council and committees.

After graduating, Katarina secured a summer job recommendation from one of her program's teachers and continued working part-time at the same company throughout her studies. Currently, she works as a Consultant within Compliance in Life Science at PlantVision. Her role involves managing projects related to compliance, quality assurance, risk assessment, and instrument validation and qualification.

A typical day on the job for Katarina involves working on a project that involves preparing documentation for a medicine to be reviewed by the Chinese FDA. She writes reports based on experiments and results for the product. The nature of her work allows her to choose between working from home or the company's office. She enjoys the variety of projects and companies she gets to work with, which provides continuous learning opportunities.

Katarina credits her studies at KI for equipping her with the necessary knowledge and a strong foundation to pursue her career. While the idea of becoming a consultant wasn't widely discussed during her time at KI, she has noticed a shift in the perception of biomedical scientists and their potential roles.

Her future aspirations include running a life science company focused on women's health. She advises current students to make the most of the resources provided by KI, seek help from KI Innovations if they have innovative ideas, visit ChaSE (Career Service), and actively participate in the Student Union and their program section.