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Large grant for world-class research in algorithms

Professor Mikkel Thorup is one of the world's leading experts in algorithms and data structures.

Professor Mikkel Thorup from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen has been awarded a grant of DKK 29.5 million from the VILLUM foundation to continue his basic research center, Basic Algorithms Research Copenhagen (BARC). BARC was established in 2017 with an initial grant from the VILLUM foundation and has since made significant mathematical breakthroughs and provided solutions to algorithmic problems.

Professor Mikkel Thorup, the head of BARC, expressed his delight at the new grant, which will allow the center to pursue further scientific breakthroughs in algorithms. He emphasized the importance of the VILLUM foundation's support for their unpredictable and exploratory research, which aims to make unexpected discoveries and breakthroughs.

Although the specific applications of BARC's research are often uncertain, several of their solutions have had a significant impact on industry. For example, Professor Mikkel Thorup's own work on inventing an algorithm to reduce resource consumption in computer servers has been adopted by major companies like Vimeo and Google.

BARC researchers tackle complex problems in algorithmics, such as determining the optimal routes, minimizing resource consumption, and solving packing problems. The center has attracted talented researchers from around the world and has been successful in fostering young talent, with their work receiving recognition at renowned conferences in the field.

The University of Copenhagen, currently ranked first in Europe for algorithmics research according to CSRankings, takes pride in BARC's achievements and its role as a magnet for talent and development in algorithmics. The collaboration between the University of Copenhagen and the IT University of Copenhagen has created synergy and strengthened the center's research efforts.

Professor Mikkel Thorup expressed his gratitude to the steering group and collaborators involved in the grant application process for their fantastic collaboration, highlighting the contributions of individuals from both the University of Copenhagen and the IT University of Copenhagen.