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Job Ad Aptitude Series - Key Account Management Team Lead - Finland


Presenting a job ad from a fast-growing company in Europe looking for an experienced and strategic Team Lead for Key Account Managers in their Restaurant Development Team.

The Highlight

  • Clear Role Definition: The ad provides a comprehensive job description, outlining key responsibilities and expectations, which gives potential applicants a clear understanding of what the role entails.
  • Positive Work Culture: The ad emphasizes creating a positive work environment and leading by example, which are attractive to prospective applicants.

The Hurdle

  • Language Requirement: While the job ad is entirely in English, suggesting openness to international applicants, it ultimately requires fluency in Finnish. This language prerequisite isn't mentioned until the end, which can be disappointing for non-Finnish speaking applicants who might be suitable for the role in all other aspects.
  • Implicit Experience Expectation: The ad mentions “solid experience” without specifying the number of years required, which might lead to confusion among potential applicants regarding their eligibility.

The Fix

  • Early Language Mention: If fluency in a specific language is non-negotiable, it should be stated at the beginning of the ad to set clear expectations and respect the time of non-native speakers.
  • Clarify Experience: Clearly define what constitutes as “solid experience” by mentioning the minimum number of years required or the specific achievements or milestones applicants should have reached in their previous roles.


This job ad is well-structured and detailed but could benefit from early clarity on language requirements and experience expectations to truly align with the inclusive and transparent hiring process that international talents deserve. With these tweaks, the company can cast a wider net and possibly attract diverse talents who can bring unique perspectives and skills to the table.

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