Instabee - Pioneering the Future of Last-Mile Delivery in Sweden



In the age of e-commerce and rapid digitization, the race to deliver promptly and efficiently is intensifying. Rising from the amalgamation of Budbee and Instabox, two stalwarts in last-mile delivery, is Sweden's Instabee – the emblem of delivery innovation.

Redefining Delivery Dynamics:

As e-commerce boomed, the challenges of the last leg – getting products to the customer's doorstep – became evident. Instabee, born from the union of two industry leaders, addresses these challenges head-on, offering unparalleled speed and precision.

The Combined Strength of Two Giants:

While Budbee and Instabox each had their merits, their combined expertise under Instabee has crafted a delivery service that stands unmatched. Their services are now more streamlined, efficient, and tailored to customer needs than ever before.

Key Offerings and Solutions:

Rapid Delivery: With a focus on speed and efficiency, Instabee ensures that parcels reach their destination in record time.

Flexible Drop-Off Points: Catering to the modern consumer's schedule, they offer a range of delivery options, including parcel lockers and home deliveries.

Sustainability Focus: Conscious of their environmental footprint, Instabee emphasizes green delivery solutions.

From Swedish Integration to European Delivery Excellence:

Though deeply rooted in Sweden, Instabee's vision transcends borders. Their ambition is to redefine delivery standards not just in their homeland, but across Europe.


Instabee's formation signifies more than just the merger of two companies; it's the evolution of last-mile delivery. As they continue to innovate and adapt, European e-commerce ventures can look forward to a partnership that ensures their products are always in good hands.

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