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From LiU to Google

Photo: Charlotte Perhammar

Elena Shabrova, an alumna of Linköping University, shared her experience and success story during the 15th anniversary jubilee of the SMIO (Strategy and Management in International Organisations) program. Originally from a small town in central Russia, Elena chose to pursue her master's degree in SMIO at Linköping University due to its strong international focus and the opportunity to study in English for two years.

The SMIO program, which fosters teamwork and collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds, prepared Elena for her career at Google's European office in Dublin. After completing her master's degree and working on a research project at LiU, Elena received an offer from Google and joined their customer sales team. She has since worked with Google's advertisers and media agencies in various roles, including being a YouTube specialist and currently serving as a strategic agency manager for the MENA region.

Working at Google has provided Elena with a challenging and dynamic environment, surrounded by ambitious colleagues who are passionate about their roles and customer success. Adaptability and continuous learning are essential in the fast-paced technology industry. Elena appreciates the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and credits her SMIO education for helping her adapt to new business environments and embrace diverse cultures.

While reflecting on her journey, Elena expresses a desire to contribute to education initiatives, particularly for underprivileged groups and girls worldwide. She believes in the power of education to transform lives and hopes to create opportunities for more individuals to pursue their studies and careers.

Elena holds fond memories of her time at Linköping University, including living in Ryd, exploring Gamla Linköping (Old Linköping), and expressing gratitude towards her SMIO teachers, Marie Bengtsson and Jörgen Ljung, who played a significant role in her personal and professional development.